European Researchers’ Night

Spreading science and engaging with public was the objective of the European Researcher’s Night , which took place on the 29th of September. The event took place in 30 countries and more than 300 cities.
Obviously, the REDMUD family couldn’t miss this chance to show the importance of recycling and sustainability. Some of the members of the REDMUD network (Johannes Vind , Pritii Tam Wai Yin and David Ariño-Montoya) attended the Athens’ event to present to the society the latest advancements in waste recycling and element recovery.
Families and students came to the National Technical University to understand our efforts in the field of bauxite residue valorisation, while preparing the terrain for the next Bauxite Residue Valorisation and Best Practices Conference, which takes place 7-10 of May 2018 .