Johannes Vind



Johannes Vind



  • 2015 Apr – present

ESR in Aluminium of Greece. PhD enrolment: National Technical University of Athens

Project title: Analysis of the secondary and trace bauxite elements distribution through the Bayer process and its by-products

  • 2014 Aug – 2015 Mar

Geophysicist in Geological Survey of Estonia

  • 2012 – 2014

MSc in Geology, University of Tartu, Department of Geology

Thesis topic: Magnetic susceptibility of crystalline basement and glacial tills, Loviisa area, southern Finland

The thesis is a contribution to a research project “Polymetallic mineralization associated with anorogenic magmatism in Southern Finland.”

  • 2008 – 2011

BSc in Geography, University of Tartu, Department of Geography

  • 2012 Oct

Introduction to Ore Prospecting and ore Resource Evaluation (theoretical and practical) in University of Turku, supervised by prof. Krister Sundblad