Meet the ESRs – Part 9


Name: Dzenita Kasapovic 

ESR 8: Recovery of rare earths with supported ionic liquids

Tell us a little about yourself?

What to say...? Simple, responsible, honest, curious, friendly... on the other hand sometimes impatient (Balkan blood). I was born (and had lived until MSCA ETN REDMUD Project started) in my beautiful Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There I have graduated as a Bachelor and Master of engineering chemistry at University of Sarajevo and Faculty of  Natural Sciences. Afterwards I gained my first work experience in chemistry. I am recently married. Now I am doing my research at KU Leuven in Belgium at Department of Chemistry.

And...usually I let my deeds talk about me.


How is your PhD going? What is your upcoming research about?

My PhD is about recovery of rare earths with supported ionic liquids (SILPs). The aim is to recover rare earths (especially Sc) from diluted acidic leach solutions of red mud, resulting in an environmentally-friendly recycling process. As the days pass by I find my research topic more and more interesting, since I am learning every day something new. In my previous work experience I have mostly worked in the field of analytical chemistry. Now I have the opportunity to deal a lot with the synthesis, which I find challenging and creative. Also, I have the opportunity to work in an international team at KU Leuven which brings a lot of positive experience and friendships.


What or who motivates and inspires you? Any thoughts and life musings you’d like to share with us?

I am inspired by the ones who wish for other people the same as what they wish for themselves.


If a chicken had lips, could it whistle?

It is all in our head 🙂