Meet the ESRs – Part 8


Name: Chiara Cardenia

ESR 2: Recovery of iron oxide from bauxite residue through microwave roasting and magnetic separation

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi my name is Chiara Cardenia, but you can call me ChiaraC or Chiara Small (you'll find out why =)). I was born in Rome 30 years ago,I studied at University of Rome “la Sapienza” where I obtained my Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry and now I’m a PhD student at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). I’m small in stature, but as my grandmother says 'in small packages is the best wine'. I am an adventurous and sporty person and I love to cook and eat (I’m Italian). My best dish? The risotto!
Another passion is traveling especially with my husband… but we don’t like the “normal” trip. We are planning to go to Iceland in February to see the northern lights!!!


How is your PhD going? What is your upcoming research about?

My project focuses on recovery of iron from red mud by microwave roasting and magnetic separation. From a month ago I have started a love affair (a little bit of a complicated love affair, to be honest) with FACTSAGE , a thermochemical software and database package. This program will help me to understand all the steps and to optimize my process.


What or who motivates and inspires you? Any thoughts and life musings you’d like to share with us?

The person who inspires and has supported me is my husband. He has always encouraged me to transform all that is impossible into possible.
Moreover my motto is “leaving the world better than you found it”. So for me to participate in this project gives me the feeling of doing something great for the future generations.


If a chicken had lips, could it whistle?

Of course!!!! It starts with the theme song of “il Buono, Il Brutto e il Cattivo”.