Meet the ESRs – Part 6


Name: Tobias Hertel

ESR 12: Fe-rich inorganic Polymers

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am Tobias Hertel, born and raised in a small town in Germany called Pegnitz (there is also a river with the same name! – and a hill near the city centre - actually that is more or less everything to tell about that city :)). I studied Applied Mineralogy with focus on building materials in Erlangen where I obtained my Master’s degree. In my free time I really like go out in the nature, on the one hand for relaxing and on the other hand also for sports like running.


How is your PhD going? What is your upcoming research about?

After getting some knowledge about the Belgian beer and food culture at the beginning in Leuven, I can focus now on my PhD project about the use of bauxite residue as a raw material for inorganic polymers, so low carbon building materials. For me it is actually a new challenging field of research since I worked especially with common cements in my former studies. Especially the use of ‘wastes’ for valorisation and application attract my interests.


What or who motivates and inspires you? Any thoughts and life musings you’d like to share with us?

The thought of being involved in such an EU project and to be able to make a contribution to a better world by valorisation of bauxite residue motivate me a lot. My family and friends who support me in every part of my life give me the highest possible motivation.


If a chicken had lips, could it whistle?

I know some humans who are not able to whistle. And sure they have lips, so I think it is all about the right technique…