Andrei Goronovski



Andrei Goronovski





03.2015 - ongoing

PhD in Environmental Physics, University of Tartu, Estonia. 

Project title: Systematic study and NORM-LCA methodology development of NORM aspects in cthe BR valorisation chain.


06.2012 - 03.2015

Research Engineer at the Department of Nuclear Power Safety, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm - Sweden.

Specialisation: Nordic-type Boiling Water Reactor safety analysis.


2011 - 2013

MSc in Nuclear Energy Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm - Sweden.

Thesis topic: "Influence of In-vessel Pressure and Corium Melt Properties on Global Vessel Wall Failure of Nordic-type BWRs".


2007 - 2010

BSc in Electrical Drives and Power Engineering, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.