Selective REE recovery from bauxite residue slags


In the framework of ETN REDMUD, an integrated process was developed by KU Leuven and RWTH Aachen to selectively recover Fe and REEs from slags produced during smelting of bauxite residue. The work is published in Hydrometallurgy.

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New PhD on innovative technologies for REE recovery


New PhD on innovative technologies for REE recovery from bauxite residue On January 23rd, 2018, Rodolfo Marin Rivera obtained his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering. He successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled ‘Innovative technologies for rare earth element recovery from bauxite residue‘. (Leuven, 23/01/2019) The research was supervised by Prof. Tom Van Gerven (promoter), Prof. Koen Binnemans (co-promotor) and Dr. Ghania Ounoughene ...

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ESR9 Wenzhong Zhang Successfully Defended His Doctoral Dissertation

Wenzhong Zhang

  On 23rd November, 2018, Wenzhong Zhang successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in chemistry at the University of Helsinki. The title of the dissertation is “Metal(IV) Phosphate Based Functional Materials For Selectively Harvesting Rare-Earth Elements From  Bauxite Residue”. Professor Freddy Kleitz, University of Vienna, served as the opponent, and Professor Gareth Law as the custos. The press release from the ...

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5 Lessons learned from 2nd ELFM European Parliament Seminar


How is Europe going to deal with the legacy of more than 500,000 landfills? More than 50 experts debated this question during the 2nd ELFM Seminar in the European Parliament (November 20, 2018), which was hosted by Belgian MEP Hilde Vautmans (ALDE Group). A detailed analysis of this event has now been published as a ETN NEW-MINE Policy Brief, authored ...

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