3rd REDMUD Network wide event

The 3rd REDMUD Network wide event took place in Stockholm (Sweden) from 11/04/2016 to 13/04/2016.
ESRs, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Consultants all gathered in the OpenLab of the KTH University in Stockholm to share with each other the results obtained at this stage of the implementation of the EU H2020 ETN REDMUD

Day One

The EU H2020 MSCA ETN REDMUD Network Wide event started on Monday with presentations of Buhle Xakalashe, Chiara Cardenia, Pritii Tam Wai Yin, Gozde Alkan, Chiara Bonomi and Rodolfo Marin.

After the lunch break Dzenita Kasapovic, Wenzhong Zhang,  Bengi Yagmurlu, David Ariño Montoya,  Tobias Hertel,  Johannes Vind,  Peter James Joyce and Andrei Goronovski had their presentations which were followed by a closing session dedicated to the conclusions of the first day.

In the evening we all gather in a very nice and warm environment to taste some of the delicious local plates in Stora Gungen restaurant.


Day two

The second day started with the Supervisory Board Meeting.

In parallel with the board meeting, a soft skills training on the Business development and entrepreneurship was given to the rest of the participants.

After the lunch break, a very interesting site visit was planned to Ytterby, where the rare earth mineral yttria was discovered and named after the village. This crude mineral eventually proved to be the source of four new elements that were named after the mineral ore and the village. These elements are yttrium (Y), erbium (Er), terbium (Tb), and ytterbium (Yb). We’d like to thank Mr. Jorgen Langhof, our host and guide in this wonderful experience.


Day three

The REDMUD Network Wide event ended with 2 sessions of S/T trainings on the LCA methodology.

We would like to thank all members for their participation and attendance. Your presence together with your active contribution, feedback and ideas was greatly appreciated and has gone towards making this event a great success.


Download Agenda here.